Safety & Health

The best safety record in the industry


School Tours of America will never operate a tour if we believe the safety or health of a participant would be compromised.

A few of our safety measures include:

Emergency Response

All tour staff is trained using a detailed Emergency Contingency Plan. Our East Coast office serves as the main point of contact, providing immediate response and communication with local and federal authorities. 


School Tours of America maintains a 24-hour, toll-free emergency phone number (866-491-1543) exclusively for students and parents. 

On-Call Physicians

School Tours of America utilizes the services of on-call physicians who can meet the group at the hotel, and if necessary, students always have access to the region's first-rate hospitals. 

Professional, Bonded Security

Private guards are stationed on hotel floors each night, ensuring that students adhere to the strict nightly curfew. 

Medical, Dental & Accident Insurance

Tour participants are automatically covered by medical, dental and accident insurance.


All students wear a wristband or lanyard listing our 24/7 emergency contact information.

Hotel Representatives

A representative from STA stays in the hotel 24/7 to ensure a direct line of communication at all times. 


All tour personnel carry cell phones, and we encourage all students to bring their own cell phones.