“Your organization is a successful example that a child’s complete education often goes beyond the walls of a classroom. Your programs inspire hope as you have brought kids from all economic backgrounds and all regions of the country to their nation’s capital to teach them first-hand the power of American citizenship.”

Adrian M. Fenty
Mayor of Washington, D.C. 2007-2011

The Most Important Week In Your Child's Life!

We know that’s a bold claim, but as educators with three decades of experience planning tours, we stand behind that statement.

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Educational Excellence

School Tours of America was founded by educators who wished to expand the classroom walls to the actual locations of historical significance, giving students the ultimate opportunity to experience first-hand our nations’ centers of history, government, culture and commerce.

The learning begins before the tour with pre-tour lesson plans and continues at each tour site with educational workbooks and expert tour guides.

Your child will travel and explore each site with trained, licensed guides, hand-picked by our staff for their historical expertise and ability to relate the information in an age-appropriate manner.

Through our partnership with Adams State University, our tour programs are eligible for actual college credit.

Get a Jump Start on College!

In today’s highly competitive college admissions environment, it is never too early to begin your child’s college admissions portfolio.

In conjunction with Adams State University, high school students are eligible to receive one hour of undergraduate credit for participation on the tour.

If high school credit is preferred, our Director of Education will work with your district administration and Adams State University regarding the necessary standards and curriculum requirements.

All students, regardless of age, are eligible to participate in the Presidential Leadership Program, co-sponsored by STA and Adams State University.

Social Development

There is no way to accurately describe the enormous social impact the tour will have on your child. Kids have gone on to become professionals, educators, famous entertainers, political leaders, and even U.S. Presidents.

87% of parents believe educational travel is an essential part of their child’s complete education.

Parents routinely report positive changes in behavior, maturity and educational motivation as students work toward funding their tour.

Teachers witness enormous cultural development as the trip is often their students’ first time away from family, budgeting souvenir money, meeting kids from other backgrounds, exhibiting etiquette and reverence at national memorials and exploring new and exciting places.

Educational travel is the only gift you can give your child that will simultaneously motivate, give depth to their classroom lessons, and will lay the foundations for their success in the 21st Century global society that awaits.

Extraordinary Tour Value

The value your child will gain from the tour is immeasurable. In fact, they will experience more on this tour than they would in two weeks of independent travel.

Our groups enjoy closer hotels, private appointments at all available sites, expert guides, and accommodating travel schedules to ensure more actual tour time than any other company in the industry.

Our pricing policies are designed to help students, not punish them. Our clients never pay late fees or last-minute fuel surcharges. We work with families every day to arrange special payment plans.

Our fundraising platforms align the core strengths of the 21st-century student with innovative tools to ensure every motivated student can experience this life-changing tour.